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Rainbows Preemie Project

This is my inspiration for 'Rainbows'.  My July the 10th baby.  He was due on September the 4th but put in an early appearance.  He was 5lb which is a good size for an early baby but he was still tiny and it was quite a shock to have him early.  We were not quite ready.  We had nothing to fit him.  I was very grateful that 'Charity knitters' had donated tiny hand knits to the hospital ready and waiting for these early birdies.  I decided I wanted to payback the kindness and next year, near to July 10th I would like to donate some preemie items to the hospital where Euan was born.  It was suggested I have a 'Call to arms' and ask my Blog Buddies to help and to see what we can achieve together.  I did just that and people have got busy knitting or crocheting 'tiny' garments.  I am delighted to receive anything that you have made.

Linda from 'Chalky's World' Blog started the 'Rainbows Project' off to a flying start with this delightful bundle of many hats, cardigans and 'Angel Pockets'.  Linda is one of the most prolific 'Charity Crafters' I have come across.  She is always on the make for a wide variety of worthy causes.  xxx

          I am hoping this page will grow with links to patterns and example of preemie knits/crochet garments.
All help gratefully received thank you.

My e-mail address:

This is a lovely little Pattern available as a free download on Ravelry 'Paxton, Premie/newborn Jacket'

A Pattern for Garter Stitch Angel Pockets
These are used on all Maternity Suites, sadly they are for the tiny babies that do not make it.
Linda from 'Chalky's World' blog sent some beautiful 'Angel Pockets' that will be used as burial wraps for tiny babies.  These will bring families some comfort at a very sad time.

Upon Butterfly Wings
This site has many patterns for different garments in different sizes both knitting and crochet.  This site also reminds us to knit for 'Angel Babies' who sadly do not survive.  There is always a demand for burial garments.  xxx

Pattern 'Teresa's 10 Minute Crochet Preemie Hat'

Lacey from Minaandme Blog sent a lovely parcel from the USA of 15 tiny hats.  She recommended this pattern so I had a go myself.
It is a great little pattern, very easy and quick.  Both Lacey and I agree they take a little over 10 minutes to make.
Steph also used this pattern for this cute collection of hats:

My lovely Blog Buddy Teresa Kasner suggested I start this project and ask Blog Buddies to help.  Some people are choosing to make garments for 'Preemie Babies' and donate to their local Maternity Wards.  Teresa made this cutie.

There are lots of Preemie Patterns here at Bev's Preemie Patterns

Angels4Preemies - more 'Preemie Pattern' Links

Ray of Hope - patterns for baby sets
Steph from Show and Tell Blog got her Mom busy knitting beautiful little sets using these 'Ray of Hope' Patterns.


  1. Theres on on rav called Paxton which is a preemie/newborn jacket that I have made in the past.

    1. Thanks for the info I will add the link and make one is a lovely little pattern. XXX

  2. Thank you very much for linking us. If anyone is able to help with our angel babies too that would be must appreciated. Wishing the best of luck for what you are planning to do. (also a) Lucy, Mum to Bobby. xox


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